Defense that works on the Streets and in the Courts


Best Defense Concepts is available to provide your group, organization or company with a seminar that will be tailored specifically to your needs. The seminars can range in length from one hour to all day, can be conducted in most office spaces without the need for special mats, and can focus on:
1) Basic self-defense tips

2) Learning control and pressure point techniques

3) Practicing specific strikes and kicks

4) Dealing with specific self-defense situations

5) Learning how to defend against an attack with a weapon

6) Learning how to use a walking stick or cane or improvised weapon (flashlight, pen, magazine, or key) to defend yourself.

Contact Peter today to discuss how he can work with your group to provide a fun and educational seminar that will help keep you all safe.

What We Teach

The Law of Self Defense


Self-Defense Stance


Defensive Hand Position


Defending Against Unarmed Attacks


Defending Against Weapons (Clubs, Knives and Guns)

Using Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense

Restraint and Control Techniques

Using Walking Canes for Self Defense