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Seminars are important for all communities


Employees are vital to any organization, thus it's important to ensure their safety both on and off the job.  We've hosted numerous corporate seminars that aid companies in teaching their workers how to fend off attacks in places like the parking lot.

Families & Communities

Even in the safest neighborhoods, walking around can be worrisome as you never know what lies beyond the next corner. Our seminars will ensure that you and your family can protect themselves if anything was to happen  and, thus, have a greater peace of mind. 

Retirement Homes

No matter your age, you can be the victim of an attack. Our seminars will teach any age group the skills required to protect yourself in any situation from a break-in to a grocery store parking lot. 

Why Self Defense?

Taking a self-defense class has many benefits – the most important is learning the skills and concepts to defend yourself should the need arise.  However, in addition to that, there are many other benefits as well such as improving balance, coordination, and self-confidence.  The fact is that knowing you have the ability to defend yourself and your family will result in the ability to better handle stressful and difficult situations.

Why Best Defense Concepts

Best Defense Concepts is comitted to teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to both protect themselves and be confident in stressful situations along with a understanding of the legality of self-defense.